DITIEFFE deals with the production of equipment and moulds for thermoforming.
Thermoforming is a process through which a plastic film (which can be made from PVC, polystyrene, polyethylene or other plastic materials), is heated and through vacuum creation adheres to a mold taking shape.
The results of this particular process, these plastic thermoformed, can be used in a variety of fields, such as:
  • food industry;
  • the cosmetics industry;
  • Hortus horticultural sector;
  • blister for large-scale distribution;
  • internal handling trays in companies.
The DITIEFFE deals with design and build equipment to produce these details.
The process followed by the company is as follows:
  • conversation with the customer, in order to understand your needs;
  • feasibility study and possible design through the Technical Department;
  • presentation to the customer of the project;
  • production of equipment, via the mechanical workshop;
  • customer testing of equipment;
  • delivery of equipment and assistance.