Vision and corporate Mission

The Ditieffe was founded in 1988. Is founded by modelers who believe strongly in the expanding market of thermoforming and set the goal of becoming a reference point for companies that operate in the field, by providing them with tools and equipment for the production of thermoformed.

Over the years the increasingly specific needs of our customers, the extreme flexibility of the sector,together with the continued progress of the Ditieffe push technology to reinvent themselves and invest their resources in equipment of last generation. To exploit in the best way the new means available creates a valid technical office composed of designers able to cure mould design, ensuring a perfect implementation.
The results have given reason of the investments made. Every effort proved crucial to make the company what it is today: the perfect combination of high technology and craftsmanship in manual work.
Our group's mission is to provide our customers with not only a mold, but a service. And it wasprecisely this approach to ensure the possibility of collaborating with leading companies in the field ofthermoforming.


Here is a list of services that Ditieffe can offer:
  • Thermoforming (blisters, exhibitors, food trays, packaging plateau/floricultural/nursery crops,industrial)
  • thermoforming and packaging equipment
  • welding equipment
  • production of mechanical parts drawing finished
  • models and wooden/resin prototypes
  • design of 3d surfaces
  • 3D rendering
  • simulation
  • consulting for the production to optimize times and costs
Production processes follow:
  • sampling
  • design via CAD/CAM 2D/3D of last generation
  • CNC machining high speed
  • finishing
  • polishing
  • Miscellaneous Manufacturing
  • testing
  • delivery
  • support