In our workshop, where molds and equipment take shape, we employ the latest generation CNC machines, which are programmed by the Engineering Department through CAD/CAM programs, 2d/3d at the forefront.
Prior to working in the machine shop operators, learned the instructions of the technical department, preparing the parts to be machined and perform the first cutting and roughing operations.
After working in the car, the parts pass to the finish where our operators will take care of Assembly operations, polishing, drilling and quality control.
In the samples and prototypes are manufactured models, pilot dies and various equipment as pressure caul sheets, one, dime of housing, welding cutting masks.
We can also, due to sampling, to test our tools through a vacuum thermoforming machine, essential in order to test the result produced. In this way we are able to show you a preview of the production.
On request, we also do small production of 100-200 prices made with various plastics in thicknesses up to 3 mm.